12 year old boy receives football contract!


“Now I am holding a football contract in my hand.”

A young boy from Midrand gave a testimony that shook the entire gathering .

As he enunciated, the young boy stood and told listeners that some weeks ago he went for football trials where he applied the Lion of Judah anointing oil- believing the God of Major 1 for a miracle. He even made a declaration , confident in the God that he entrusted his football future to. He qualified with ease through the first heat.

Unfortunately, during the next visit, the trials were cancelled due to sudden rains. He then went a second time and in the faithful fashion, he applied the lion of Judah. Believing and praying, the young giant came before the God of Major 1. He narrates:

“I prayed to the God of Major 1 and I said, if I don’t get into the academy I would stop playing football,”. These words are familiar words, similar to words uttered by the Prophet when he wants to challenge his God to honour his supplication. The young man operated under the anointing of the Major Prophet. Despite being a minor, the Major anointing spoke volumes for him!

He testified that at the age of twelve he now holds a football contract and is destined to perform greater exploits at the academy. As a sign of well wishes, the man of God invited the young boy to sit on his anointed seat, and thereafter, he was released with a miracle and a father’s blessing.

.This testimony invoked the Prophet to pray for more young giants .

Major 1’s Prayer for children :

“I pray for your children. I speak a bright future. I open their lives in the name of Jesus.”

-Major 1

The man of God went on to declare : “ I speak contracts!” to the entire gathering. Take this opportunity to receive the blessing of the Prophet of our day!

“If a twelve year old can hold a contract, what more you? I speak contracts into your life in the name of Jesus Christ.”

-Major 1