2 months breakthrough released!


A man singled out by the Prophet and asked if he could change his story and pray for him.
With no hesitation the man shouted “yes”.
The prophet askes the man to write an alphabetic letter of his choice.”I am seeing the letter “M,” the Prophet said much to the match with the letter that was secretly jotted down by the man.

“Within two moths, you will come back with a testimony.”

“There is a problem with the bank, but you are struggling to pay. When you receive your salary all of it vanishes. But your life will begin to change, within two months things will begin to change to the point that you will come for testimony. I see you waking up and putting on a uniform and putting a pistol on your wrist,” the man interjects by revealing that he is actually a police officer.
The Prophet then declares a major change into the life of the man.