Baloyi testifies of a supernatural healing!


A man wept before God as he told of how he was sick, and got invited to ECG. Filled with doubt, he denied the invite from an uncle – as he was Bipolar – which is a mental illness. The man felt he was not new to Christianity, and he was not prepared to come to ECG.
As his family applied gentle pressure, he decided to give it a try since he had been suffering from 2005, where he was manifesting signs of hypomania and had to be sedated to be brought under control. His diagnosis was said to be chronic and incurable, as he was expected to remain in this condition for life.


“Your God has changed my life.”

He attended a service where Major 1 ministered about the Splankna. His life was changed forever. The following day, the man came to the Healing Service that the Prophet got a revelation to hold in the miracle tent. He and his wife attended. They endured the cold and the rain and waited for the Prophet’s prayer. He eventually got prayer and got counseling from one of the stewards. He believed that he had been healed. The prophet gave them 20 days to testify of their healing.
What science failed to do, the God of Major 1 has done it. His head has never been this clear – He proclaims that this is the God of the Bible, the God of signs and wonders. He described the adverse effects of the chronic medication he was having to take and how he is now. Whereever you are – claim your own healing and God will balance everything in your brain, in your business, in your family and in your life. God can do it!