Getting rid of negativity, by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


Scripture Reference: Mark 5:37
“He permitted no one to go in with him except Peter, James, and John.”
I always teach my sons and daughters that association plays a great role in whether they will succeed in life or fail. When I was growing up, there was a lady I knew in my home town. Every time I met her, she always had something negative to say. Whether it was concerning her business, family, rentals, food, or just the weather. She never had anything positive to say. I would try my best to encourage her and pray with her, but time after time, that never seemed to be enough. And now every time I left her company, I would feel very depressed or somewhat disheartened.
Till one day I realized what I am telling you right now: “I cannot go forward if I stick around all that negativity.”
Action Point:
The Bible tells us that as Jesus was leaving for the mountain, he permitted only three people to go with him. The word permit means, to authorize, empower or enable something to happen. The power is in your hands. You need to validate the people you’re spending time with. Are they lifters? Or like King Saul, do they praise you in public but scheme against you in private? Are they dragging you down or leading you forward?
Put an end to all negativity in whatever form. Surround yourself with people that speak the word of God and His promises irregardless of the surrounding.