God releases a Boaz- 60 year old woman testifies to marriage bliss…


A woman attended a service to hear the Prophet tell of her loneliness. She went away believing that the man of God who had located the loneliness would bring her a miracle marriage, although she was skeptical as she was not even in a relationship.


The woman, based in Botswana tells how she became surprised when a man called her after she left the service; to tell her he was interested, she brushed him aside in disbelief he was the one. Later, the woman decided to come as an international visitor because she felt the Major Prophet had not actually named her husband to be. When she stood for prayer, the prophet told her: “You have come to hear the name of your husband”, she was in shock and she was told, I-G-N-A-TIOUS! She went back to Botswana with mixed feelings as the man in mention was the one who had left her whilst she was five months pregnant 40 years ago. The man now knelt down and proposed marriage.

Images of couple’s wedding day…

Thereafter, the lady tells that she went to see her Pastor in Botswana and he echoed the words of the Major Prophet. As a daughter and a Steward, she submitted to the word of the Prophet of God. The couple began marriage counseling and celebrated their wedding, the bride, at the age of 60, beaming in the glory of the God of Major 1. The 8th of April saw the Prophet’s words came to pass – the lonliness ended in a blissful marriage and the man who left 40 years ago returned miraculously!
The Lord is faithful to this daughter of the Major Prophet. She is a Levite in the ECG church. The God we are serving is the same yesterday, today and forever. Are you waiting for Mr. Right? Is time running out? Not according to the God of Major 1 who in His time, makes all things beautiful! A glowing bride at 60 – God has done it! He is faithful and will do it!