‘I was pregnant but I stood up for prayer.’


A woman who suffered multiple miscarriages found herself in the line of prayer : “I was childless for three years and I would miscarry every year,” the lady from Zimbabwe said.

She explained that she miscarried, had a still birth and then the last baby had been a premature who had also not survived. She narrated how at one time the doctors had left one of her babies in the life support machine to die as she watched because there was nothing they could do, as all the baby’s intestines were deemed to be dead. Imagine watching her baby die, since no man could intervene.

She was introduced to the prophetic ministry and began attending services. She began to apply the Lion of Judah anointing oil and the Fruit of the Womb anointing water on her womb, and then she conceived!

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri prayed for all women who were barren and although she was been 7 months pregnant, she connected. She tells that people around her ridiculed her, but she stood and received because she knew they did not understand the situation. Have you ever had to watch your own baby die whilst doctors and nurses watch helplessly?

Today the enemy is doubly aware that God never fails. Whatever the enemy planned over your life, God overturns it. May the pitter patter of little feet and the laughter of newborns fill your house!