Kingdom financier receives International business deal instantly!


Major Daughter, Pastor Shirley could not remain seated when the Lord moved in her life. A visionary daughter and a strategic member of the ECG leadership showed that when you sow in faith the Lord answers you with more than you ever imagined! Rising from the auditorium, Shirley Bahula- Ermius stepped forward to give a jaw-dropping testimony ranging in billions of Rands per month.

She tells that after the man of God revealed that she was struggling financially, he released a miracle into her life. Any one that has ever interacted with this lady will know the passion and excitement she has for the things of God and the zeal she has for the Ministry of Major 1.

Speaking at ECG main hall auditorium she said “You said that I have a heart to be a kingdom financier.” These words were spoken at Sparkling Waters Hotel during a Mentorship Programme held in Rustenburg late last year. The good news followed her there!

She explained how after the prophecy of Major 1 she went away, only to be welcomed by a huge contract in Beijing by a Russian company. They approached her and offered her an allocation. A huge contract that will be paying her amounts of up to US$200 million per month.

The lady denoted that the moment the man of God was declaring international doors to open up, today, she received a ticket from her Russian partners that she should go to the airport right now that she may travel to Russia immediately. She is due to be in Moscow for the miraculous deal by tomorrow.

“As I speak right now Papa I will be on my way to the airport to sign the paper tomorrow in Moscow . I’ll be flying through Paris,” testified the woman.

Overjoyed and overwhelmed, the daughter of Major 1 launched herself into the sweet life- the life of honey. A true diplomat and an ardent follower of the Kingdom business, this does not come as a surprise but remains a miracle, parabolic and sets the pace that God wants to take place in the Kingdom.

As this Shunamnite woman gets her portion connect yourself to the grace and watch God working miraculously in your life as well.