Lion of Judah meets stroke victim…


A man who had been attacked by retrenchment and stroke had an encounter with the anointing upon Major 1. Suffering from bad press and going through a bad patch, he was approached by daughters of the Major Prophet, he got to experience the lifechanging power of the anointing oil, all the way from Swaziland.
His whole right side was previously paralysed. He came to Pretoria as an international visitor where he saw the Lord move, uniting him with other men of God who would otherwise not be found in the same space with him. This man got the special gift of anointing oil that enabled his son who was on drugs to reform completely, without rehabilitation, and this young man has given his life to Christ!
The man told the congregation that his son, who has been living with his girlfriend experienced change as he decided to come forward and introduce his long term girlfriend to the family. As God is changing family lives and restoring others, allow His healing power to change your life today!