Major 1 sets a man free instantly!


Major 1, speaking to a prophecy recipent, tells him that he sees a man in theatre with a lung problem. The man confesses that he was said to have TB but the TB was invisible to doctors who could not clearly detect it.
The Prophet says the problem would have re-started in July had he not come today. The major Prophet declares that because of the presence of the Holy Spirit, the presence of Jesus Himself and the attendance of the major Prophet – the man receives complete healing before our very eyes! Healed completely.

The Prophet talks of a car accident, the man confirms to have been involved in a car accident. The Prophet says he sees a small car rolling on the way to Pretoria and continues to say that he is seeing a university. The man narrates, in visible shock, that, at the time of the accident, he was studying for a certificate at the University of Witswatersrand.
The anointing of the Prophet overtakes the entire scene to declare the removal of poverty in the mans life. The man is slain in the spirit and the glory of the God of Major 1 is every where!
He rises to say: “Thank you Jesus I am free!”