Report of the wicked amounts to nothing


The¬†“Unlocking Your Destiny” Sunday Service that was held some weeks ago gives rise to yet another testimony. A couple, who are holding a bouncing baby boy tell that after unlocking the lock together, their child was delivered safely!

The woman had been suffering from concurrent complications after conceiving, and because of this, her and her husband then decided to go to a sangoma. Unfortunately, the herbalist gave them an ultimatum, saying that the husband had to choose either to save his wife or the child, for both of them were not going to survive the delivery!

Refuting such a report, the couple was then introduced to the anointing working upon Major 1. They unlocked their destiny alongside the rest of the congregates and four days later, the wife gave birth safely!


Welcome to a new baby boy in the ECG Family

Now, they stand before the masses, glorifying God for thwarting the enemy’s report.