Supernatural rescue helps man escape death from bullet shots.


A man left the entire congregation dumbfounded as he testified about what the God of Major 1 did in his life. In his remarks, he honored the God of the house and took advantage of the opportunity to wish the Major Prophet a joyful, Happy Birthday.

“I just want to thank the God of Major 1 for the wonders that He is doing in our midst, not only that but Papa I want to wish you a happy birthday, may you live long till Jesus comes so that we too may be saved,” he opened.

As he testified he narrated that one day as he was traveling on the road, he was shot in the stomach two times by thugs in the train,

“The third bullet would have shot me in the head but the gun jammed,” he said.

He enunciated that he tried calling out for help but no one came to his rescue because they were also running away from the bullet threats. During the time when he was on the floor, struggling for life, Satan appeared to him and tried to take possession of his body.

“Satan came and I can remember him saying to me, ‘You belong to us,” he continued.

The man confessed that when he ponders on the incident now, he is not surprised because during that time he was still entangled in various sins.

The Major Prophet then stepped in and spoke to the masses, he revealed that this is what happens when a sinner is about to die. Demonic beings come to possess the bodies of those that will be destined for eternal death in hell. Thereafter, he urged the masses to repent by saying the following,

“If you haven’t given your life to Christ then this is the time. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today.”

In continuation, the man testifying told that during that critical moment of life and death he confessed the following,

“I refuse to die, I refuse to be taken by you Satan,”

With great joy he shouted that after boldly confessing that, he saw angels pushing him on the other side, away from those demonic spirits that had come to get him. Not only that but even Major 1 appeared on the scene.

“He was even wearing what he’s wearing right now,” said the man.

As the angels were pushing him, he passed out and was taken to the hospital. Upon arrival, he was put into ICU for five days. By the grace of God, Major 1 re-appeared to this man in a vision and stood before him and behind him there was a figure that looked like Jesus Christ. As he reached out to the man in this vision, Major 1 said, “Surely, Jesus loves you.”

He testified that at that moment he smiled from his comma and the nurse who was guarding him ran to notify the doctor that he was now conscious. Upon his waking, the doctors operated him further and they put in a colostomy on his right side. (A colostomy is a surgical procedure that brings one end of the large intestine out through the abdominal wall. During this procedure, one end of the colon is diverted through an incision in the abdominal wall to create a stoma. A stoma is the opening in the skin where a pouch for collecting feces is attached.)

” The doctors told me that I would pass stool from my right side for the rest of my life, but I laughed because I knew that they were only saying this because they didn’t know the God of Major 1,” he said.

Despite the report and diagnosis of the doctors, the man pronounced that he did not give up hope. He got himself anointing water of all kinds from the church, as well as the lion of Judah. He administered this and supported his administration with prayer- believing that the God of Major 1 would heal him permanently.

Anointed materials that the man used to aid in his healing

He was discharged with a bag full of pills but because of the anointing- that breaks every yoke, he didn’t even take the medication. Till date, this man is strong, fit, healed and set free.

The man demonstrated his joy by dancing at the altar of God and seasoning heaven with praise and adoration. The God of this house is indeed a preserving God. He preserves the lives of those who diligently seek Him. Glory be to the God of Major 1- the God who saves!