The God who heals crashed bones!


A lady stepped forward to testify of the great miracle that she experienced through the hand of the man of God, Major 1.
She enunciates that early last year, in 2016, as she was traveling from Polokwane to Tzaneen she had an accident and the car rolled downhill six times. At the arrival of the ambulance she was found with bruises and crushed bones.
“My bones were not broken, they were crashed,” she emphasized.

Image showing crashed bones

Her doctor suggested that she should amputate the hand since all the bones were crashed. However, she did not respond to this with acceptance. The lady is commended for her faith because she refused the negative report, despite the doctors telling her that not amputating the hand would cause the hand to look like a plastic hand and it will not be functional at all.
“One of the Sunday LIVE services when our father in the Lord, Major 1, was teaching about the padlock and releasing people’s destinies, I connected with the service and all of a sudden, I started feeling pressure stretching inside my hand. I rushed to my doctor to remove the K. Wires that were implanted in my hand to support it and my doctor was surprised that there was a movement in my hand. My doctor then asked me what kind of God I pray to, I said the God of Major 1.”
The lady, with extreme joy, tells that she then decided to join the international visitors service. As Major 1 was praying for the saints, the lady recalls that she wanted to tell him about her hand but the Prophet simply touched her hand and moved on.
“As I was sitting down I started feeling pressure on my hand again and behold I could lift my hand and I knew right away that I was healed and my bones had been reconnected,” says the lady in conclusion.

Display of the healed hand.

There is nothing impossible with our God. Organs are replaced and bones are restored by the God of Major 1.