The prophetic flipping of archives


“I am seeing you a long time ago, as you were in the womb of your mother, your father was beating your mother,” said the man of God as he addressed a woman who attended a Sunday Service.

He went on to reveal that he was seeing three pregnancies even though she has one child. A man by the name Kennedy is also brought into the picture as the Prophet of God tells that she is connected to him. Further enunciating that this man comes from a family of magicians.

“Yes Papa, everything you are saying is true,” exclaims the woman.

“When you met Kennedy you went to a restaurant. You were wearing something that was revealing your cleavage. This man then began looking at your cleavage, and as he was looking you began to feel as if there was a spider that was moving on your breasts,’ elaborated the Oracle.

The Prophet enunciated that when the lady told the man about the feeling, he confessed that even he experienced something similar when he was initiated five years ago.
Major 1 elaborated that Kennedy was under demon savailance. Unveiling the fact that a snake and Spider were sent, by his own uncle, to be monitoring him – the consequences of which are that he is a miserable man without any hope whatsoever. The Prophet further Prophesied about the lady’s family wickedness, interjecting that her grandmother was also a witch. She acknowldged all that was said to be true.
The man of God told her that when she was in grade seven she fell pregnant but after she fell pregnant, her boyfriend left her. As the man of God spelled H.I.V, the woman confirmed that she is H.I.V positive.

The man of God then prayed for her deliverance and declared that her life story will change for the glory of God.