The tele-impact of the voice of God through His Prophet, Major 1


Stepping forward is a lady with her daughter all the way from United Kingdom, to tell the world what God has done in her life and that of her daughter.


“The God of Major 1 healed my daughter.”

As she attests, she tells that her daughter had an accident in school and she was called to come and pick her. Her daughter was rushed to the nearest hospital and at their arrival they rushed her to the ward for quick X-rays and the nurse said to the mother “Your daughter’s bones are broken.” The doctors went on to announce that the child will have to be operated upon.

Image displaying the broken leg

“The next day I went and bought an iPad so I can connect to Prophetic Channel from the hospital and received on behalf of my child. As I was watching the Sunday services and it was testimony time and the Prophet of God – Major 1- declared that everyone with broken bones must receive their healing, I jumped up and said ‘I receive.”
The lady continues by recalling how she took all the anointed materials that she had and went in to anoint her daughter. Behold, when the doctors came to get the child for the last scan so they can get her ready for the operation, they found that all the bones were back together.
Even broken bones obey the voice of Major 1. Receive your own miracle right now in the name of Jesus.