Welcome to the month of June, The Month of Creation!


June is the 6th month of the year, meaning that we are now halfway through the ‘Year of Honey’. The year is not over yet and God has not forgotten you, you are about to receive something new.

When I was praying, God revealed to me that in this month something new will be created in our lives.

Following May, the Month of Second Chance; comes a new chapter. Your story is no longer the same, your sins are no longer holding you back, all has been forgiven by God and He has given you a second chance to start over and create something new in your life. You are now a new creation, ready for a new beginning.

In the book of Genesis, chapter 1, the Bible tells us that God created the earth in 6 days. A new creation was completed on the 6th day and I believe that in this month of June, something good and miraculous is about to be created in your life.

Perhaps the past 5 months of 2017 have been tough. You have been working hard but seeing no results, God says June is your month to experience the goodness of new things.

New relationships will develop in this 6th month. Better opportunities will be given to increase your finances. That baby you have been praying for will be created in this very month. Your new job, house, car will be approved. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit will be renewed and strengthened this month.

I decree and declare that you shall witness something great. Receive your new creation.