Business should be at the centre of Zim redemption

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri with his father, Prophet Uebert Angel.

Zimbabwe is set to enter new unchartered territory. After several years, its veteran statesman Robert Gabriel Mugabe tendered his resignation. A new President, another veteran of liberation, Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to be sworn in on Friday.

Last night, and even as the write this, several people are in the streets of Harare celebrating. I am happy for them, and keep them in my prayers.

I have always held a special place for the people of Zimbabwe in my heart. My father Prophet Uebert Angel hails from there. The land of my father is also my land. I pray for the country, its people and its interests daily.

I am happy that the people of Zimbabwe are ecstatic. I know they are yearning for a new dispensation, and development. I have said it several times that Zimbabwe is a sleeping giant. This is a fact. Events will not overcome it.

I am not a man of politics. I am a prophet and a businessman. I have nothing but genuine care for my children in the country.

This is my short word to them.

At the centre of all efforts to awaken the sleeping giant must be a commitment to ease of doing business.

It is important for the people of Zimbabwe who have proved to be peaceful to leverage for development and investment.

The huge informal economy in Zimbabwe is proof that its people know how to trade and understand that free trade is at the centre of human survival and crucial for growth.

Zimbabwe now needs to create a new environment in which big business can operate, accounted for, benefitting the people, and leading to growth and development.

We respect politics. But as i have always said, i am not a politician but a businessman. I have full confidence in the incoming leaders who have a reputation for being open to business. This is the only to truly awaken the sleeping giant.

I encourage them to remain committed to this path. Ease of business, and a focus on business will cure ills like unemployment, poverty, and also lead to development. To the incoming dispensation, congratulations. To the people of Zimbabwe, God loves you.

  • Ngozi Onfire

    Thank Prophet for such words of wisdom. We as Zimbabweans also honor you and the anointing upon you. May God keep making you prosper and make you wiser .

  • Tony Benn

    Is SBI a legally registered Financial Advisory Services company and Stockbroking business or is it just a dodgy scam ? Is the SBI website just a very deceptive document full of false information ?