Prophetic Advice: The pillars of business success (Part 1)


Often times i get asked by young people who wish to enter into business what the pillars of success are. The questions maybe phrased differently, but they seek the same answer at a structural level.

To begin with, one thing we must understand is that business is an extension of character. It is a reflection of character. Character is the foundation by which all things are built.

Character is a broad term, which needs a separate thread detailing its various aspects. I intend to touch on each and every single one of them in the coming days.

However, today, it is critical that we address it in general terms.


Your general behavioural attributes, values, ethics, attitudes and habits are what make your character.

If you wake up every day, for 365 days, and go for an early morning jog, it is a habit that builds your character and becomes who you are. The days when you are not in the mood, your body will still wake you up, and you will feel funny if you do not do this routine.

If you set your alarm to go off at 05:00hrs every morning, after several weeks you will realise that automatically, even without an alarm your body will wake you up at 05:00hrs.

If you, commit, always seeking to do good, for no return, that is an attitude that defines your character.

What you do everyday, what you think, what you aim for, and what you desire make up your character.

Why character is important?

Character is one of the few constants in life. In an ever changing world, products change daily, profitable realms shift, and even perspectives change.

So, if investments change, it means success can change too. To guarantee the future you must invest in two things that do not change.

Invest in your character, and invest in God.

The bible, in the book Romans says

Romans 5:3-5 – “More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

If you invest in a noble, humble, and hard working character and you are faithful to God, then you are guaranteed endless hope.

Success is not quantified by the size of your bank account. In fact, monetary success is only a result and an extension of character success.

It is impossible to be a public success, if you are a private failure.

The ingredients that generate repeat and sustainable success depend entirely on character.

If you work hard, if you are resilient, committed, consistent, righteous, steadfast, faithful then success is the result, in any business you decide to venture into.

Just like life, business brings tests, of varying magnitude. Hence success is not a destination, but a process. If the attributes mentioned above are not within your character, when the test of sustaining success comes, you will falter. You will grow weary and fail.

But if your character is who you are, then you cannot get tired because even when desire and strength is gone, your own self will persist.

That is the importance of character.

I have said before, when i taught about the Tuchia wisdom, that i do not have money because i pray. I have money because i work, labour, and toil using Godly principles.

I pray that you seek a righteous character, and that you invest in your heart. For out of your heart’s character, and faith in God, will come sustainable success.


  • pailew

    Thank you major 1 for your teachings. Pray for me to be debt free and to know God’s purpose about my life.

  • Kaulwe Steven Simpac

    If you work hard, if you are resilient, committed, consistent, righteous, steadfast, faithful then success is the result, in any business you decide to venture into.

  • LeeGMO

    What Revelation and profound teaching my Daddy

  • Tony Benn

    Is SBI a legally registered Financial Advisory Services company and Stockbroking business or is it just a dodgy scam ? The SBI website just a very deceptive document full of false information , surely ?